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Empire Cannabis Clubs Concierge Collective


Join us for a SMOKE and a SMILE

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A Dedicated Concierge Service Supplying the highest end cannabis products at prices you can afford.

Why Join?

New York State recently legalized the recreational use and acquisition of cannabis for everyone 21 years of age and up. However, this change came into effect before the state could set up a regulatory bureau that will administer the rules, fees and costs to open dispensary operations, farms and delivery services. As such, there is no legal place to acquire cannabis today, and will likely will not be available until 2022 at the earliest.  

This delay will make it hard for customers to find cannabis - and when they do, it may not be the best quality or price. 

So, we did something about it.  Empire Cannabis provides a membership concierge service to help people 21 years of age or older find the best recreational cannabis at the best price - legally. 

Let us make your life easier. Join our club and let’s toke it up together.

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Empire Cannabis Clubs Concierge Collective

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