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Empire Cannabis Clubs

Concierge Collective

We have been involved with the acquisition, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis as well as the advancement of the cannabis industry into the legal marketplace for decades, and we are happy to be utilizing our expertise to assist all New Yorkers in meeting their personal cannabis needs.

This past month was truly an exhilarating period of time for all New Yorkers, for after decades of having to conceal our use of the single greatest recreational and medicinal substance available to man:

“We do not need to hide anymore”

New York state law now allows the possession of up to 3 ounces of cannabis putting the days of worrying about the aggravation from law enforcement seemingly far behind us.

But now that we can peacefully use, possess, or transfer cannabis amongst each other, only one question remains:

“Where can you acquire it NOW?”

Luckily, we have been able to acquaint ourselves with individuals with access to top of the line cannabis and cannabis products alike.

It is not only our aspiration, but our inclination, to aid all New Yorkers regardless of what hindrances they experience. Whether they do not have the ability to procure quality cannabis, or the funding.

We are here to help, and to get started we have formed “The Empire Cannabis Clubs”, a concierge service dedicated to supplying the highest end cannabis products at prices you can afford.

We have taken the blessings of the New York State Legislature allowing the transfer of cannabis without profit and have setup a membership service in which the club will acquire cannabis products for its members, and only add the cost to facilitate the acquisition and transfer of said products.

What does membership do?

With this membership you receive access to copious amounts of different strains, cannabis grown in different environmental conditions (i.e. indoor, light deprivation), and many THC infused cannabis products (i.e. edibles). Members will have access to storefront pickup, personal delivery to their doorstep, and VIP access to open air smoking areas to enjoy cannabis products with other NYC members.

Servicing the people of New York is just the beginning, with the servicing of Americans as a whole being the end goal, but where better to start? So New York, let’s get together and enjoy some great smoke and smiles after this rough year we’ve all had!

Come join us for a smoke and a smile

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Why Join?

New York State recently legalized the recreational use and acquisition of cannabis for everyone 21 years of age and up. However, this change came into effect before the state could set up a regulatory bureau that will administer the rules, fees and costs to open dispensary operations, farms and delivery services. As such, there is no legal place to acquire cannabis today, and will likely will not be available until 2022 at the earliest.  

This delay will make it hard for customers to find cannabis - and when they do, it may not be the best quality or price. 

So, we did something about it.  Empire Cannabis provides a membership concierge service to help people 21 years of age or older find the best recreational cannabis at the best price - legally. 

Let us make your life easier. Join our club and let’s toke it up together.

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Empire Cannabis Clubs Concierge Collective

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